Submitted by ub on Thu, 02/16/2012 - 14:32

LIN means wood in Chinese. ROC is Taiwan's abbreviation - The Republic of China.
MSG, it was never a good idea to cablecast that graphic and fortune cookies are not even served in mainland China, or in Taiwan.

As a result, Madison Square Garden Network is now feeling the heat because New York Knicks TV broadcast partner flashed this graphic of their Taiwanese-American basketball star, following the Knicks' seventh straight win.

After MSG showed viewers this image featuring guard Jeremy Lin's head in between ends of a broken fortune cookie with the sentence "The Knicks' Good Fortune" on a piece of paper, one Chinese basketball fan we spoke with called it offensive and adds that "many others will soon be voicing their personal views, as a result of this unnecessary action".

Tune in for TV fallout brought to you by the "Square" gardeners near Madison Avenue.