RIP Barbara Bush

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Known as the enforcer, she was a frank and unpretentious First Lady. Forner First Lady Barbara Bush has died at age 92. The Bush family matriarch cared little for fancy clothes or glamour, but her forthright attitudes endeared her to the American people. She was born on June 8, 1925, at NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital in Queens and lived for years in Rye, New York. Mrs. Bush died tonight,t April 17, 2018.

She was married to one of my former bosses, President George HW Bush and also shared her opinions with her son President George W Bush. The wife and mother of presidents passed away at her Houston, Texas residence.

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Former first lady Barbara Bush dead at 92

Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92

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Barbara Bush, Frank, and Unpretentious First Lady Dies at 92

Barbara Bush, former first lady, dead at age 92…

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