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A City Island woman, who survived brain surgery has died after the ambulance she was being transported in, crashed into a pole. The ambulance allegedly failed to properly strap her in, according to news reports.

Janet Hickey had survived a 7 hour brain surgery but the ambulance she was riding in crashed, which may have caused her death. The Artie's Steak and Seafood Restaurant assistant manager was being transported from the hospital following her surgery, when the ambulance crashed into a utility pole.

Janet Hickey, 60, was on her way to a care facility after brain surgery to remove a tumor. The doctors who treated her expected her recovery.

On Wednesday, the ambulance transporting Janet Hickey from one health care facility to another slid and struck a utility pole. Hickey's stretcher may not have been properly strapped down.
The staff in charge of transporting her to the new hospital had reportedly not taken the necessary precautions to secure her stretcher. This caused her body to get tossed violently around the ambulance during the crash, which further damaged Hickey’s fragile brain.

Her family followed the doctor’s suggestions to remove her from life support. Sadly she went from being a very lucky to allegedly being the victim of neglect at the hands of health care workers.

PHOTO: Ron Terner

Patient dies after ambulance crash in Sleepy Hollow via @ABC7NY