RIP: Jimmy Breslin

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H proved the pen is more powerful than the sword and practiced what he preached. Legendary NY Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin dead at 88

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jimmy Breslin died at 86

Jimmy Breslin, Legendary New York City Newspaper Columnist, Dies at 88

The Importance of Jimmy Breslin…

Jimmy Breslin’s gripping column on the night John Lennon was shot

Jimmy Breslin, 1928–2017: He Knew How to Play This Game…

Trumpet Lessons, Life Lessons: A Sneak Peek at Jimmy Breslin’s New Novel in Progress via @thedailybeast

Columnist Jimmy Breslin, a chronicler of the New York streets, dies at 88

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There was something about Jimmy Breslin that seemed immortal, like the truths he told.