RIP: John Glenn

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A US hero is dead at 95. John Herschel Glenn, Jr. was an astronaut and a former US senator from Ohio. He died at a Columbus hospital today. He was the first American to Orbit the Earth and then went on to serve as a four-term US Senator.

John Glenn, the 1st American to orbit Earth, has died at 95…

BBC News - John Glenn death: Trailblazing US astronaut was 95

John Glenn, all-American badass astronaut, dies at 95…

Former U.S. astronaut, Senator John Glenn dies in Ohio at 95 via @Reuters

Iconic astronaut, former senator John Glenn dies at 95 via @upi

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All seven original Project Mercury astronauts are gone. The death of John H. Glenn, Jr. is a sad moment fro America. Godspeed Colonel Glenn, you risked it all in 1962 with your three of seven orbits in space. You were an American superhero.