RIP John McLaughlin

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John McLaughlin was an American television personality and political commentator. He hosted and his Oliver Production company created, and produced the political commentary series The McLaughlin Group.

I not only met the legendary personality, but I actually helped him and his younger Dominican wife produce the Company's Clinton impeachment TV series. He was a very intelligent and cool guy, who rode a motorcycle and enjoyed jazz music. but extremely demanding. In 34 years he never missed a broadcast, except for this past Sunday. He was a priest earlier on and a political speech writer.

John McLaughlin dead, hosted 'The McLaughlin Group' for 34 years

John McLaughlin, Host of 'The McLaughlin Group' and Nixon speechwriter, has died at age 89

John McLaughlin, Host of confrontational TV show, dies

U.S. news pundit John McLaughlin dies at 89

Legendary Talk Show Host John McLaughlin Dies via @nbcnews

Longtime TV host John McLaughlin dies at 89…

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