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The greatest athlete to ever play soccer is no longer in the game. Pelé, Brazil’s ‘king of soccer,’ has died. He was 82 years young.

As a cub reporter in Miami, I had the good fortune to be assigned to interview The ⚽️ KING but he said he was late for an important date and would only do it in Portuguese so I agreed and we also did a Spanish version. If I find the clip it will be here: He was kind, competitive, a gentleman, and The Champ.

City Images has a correspondent in Brazil and we asked him to send us images of the locals mourning the loss of  a member of their royalty, but unfortunately our roving reporter is vacationing inside a nudist colony.

Do you speak Portoguese?

Corpo de Pelé será velado na Vila Belmiro


Pelé, Brazil’s mighty king of ‘beautiful game,’ has died

Soccer legend Pelé dies at 82

Brazilian football icon Pele has died at the age of 82. His daughter Kely Nascimento paid tribute to her father: "We are thanks to you. We love you infinitely. Rest in peace."

Pele dies aged 82: Legendary Brazilian footballer passes away after battling with colon cancer which left him hospitalized for a month to leave the beautiful game - a phrase he coined - in mourning

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