Rocket Man Dupes The Donald

Submitted by ub on Wed, 05/16/2018 - 00:01

Is he just not getting it that his accomplishments are absolute BS? There goes that peace prize he claimed everybody wants to present him. Perhaps someone will offer a can of split peas or chickpeas since he like those chicks so much.

Anyone with a half brain would have realized that too much talk giving himself credit was not helping, but never a stable genius. North Korea hints at a failed president, so should there be any apologies for The American people?

Top Trump aides expressed optimism that a denuclearization agreement can be worked out, but Is Kim Jong Un beating Trump at his own game?

The Latest: N. Korea says no interest in 'one-sided' talks

Is a gullible Donald Trump being taken for a ride by North Korea?…

The Trump-Kim summit is in doubt. North Korea says it may pull out if the US insists it gives up nuclear weapons

North Korea casts doubt on Trump summit, suspends talks with South

Hold the irrational exuberance on North Korea. Kim is already winning.

John Brennan: Kim Jong-un "Manipulated" And "Duped" Trump…

Why North Korea Is Angered by ‘Libya Model’ in Nuclear Talks

This is SO not fair! Donald Trump already cleared a space on his mantel to display his Nobel Peace Prize! ?…

Unsuccessful nuclear negotiations with North Korea has the potential to trigger a market sell-off.

President Trump says Kim Jong Un can stay in power if he comes to the table and gives up nuclear weapons

@SethMeyers was close to giving Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize and then 'dam**t' this happened

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Zero hours nine AM
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