Rushing Russians

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Putin says Russia has rushed delivering a Coronavirus vaccine, but there is an increasing amount of real scientific global pushback. Medical experts are immediately denouncing Russia’s ‘irresponsible’ claims to have found a #COVID-19 vaccine.

This one could indeed be a Russia hoax, since Putin boasts becoming the first nation to officially register a #COVID19 vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international disbelief.

#Russia approves what it calls the world’s first #coronavirus vaccine, despite not having conducted any Phase 3 field studies with tens of thousands of people to ensure that the #vaccine is safe and effective, nor publishing any scientific data.

He named it "Sputnik-V" a reference to the surprise 1957 launch of the world's first satellite. Russia claims 20 nations have requested more than a billion doses, despite it not yet passing a crucial testing stage.

Considering Russia rushing to win in sports with lies and subversions, in their cheating scandal during the Olympic Games and in politics with past and present American Democratic Elections, there are valid reasons to question Vladimir who has immediately embraced a questionable attitude about his present and past actions on global cyber espionage.

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‪The international scientific community is sounding the alarm that the rush to start using the vaccine too soon could backfire. Vladimir Putin says Russia has registered a coronavirus vaccine, and his daughter has been given it

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