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It's like the James Bond Movie, From Russia with Love.
Russia and Crimea tied the knot, but they forget to get registered at the courthouse in Ukraine. Instead, Vladimir Putin and Crimean leaders decided to sign an official adoption treaty with the consent of parliament.

Ukraine got rid of its president, followed by Crimea voting to become independent from Ukraine, signaling that it wanted to go back to Russia. The West began imposing sanctions to get Russia to back off. So this has turned into game of political musical chairs.

Russia claims it is correcting an old injustice, when the Soviet Union gave Crimea to Ukraine in 1954. The Russians say they're no trying to divide Ukraine any further.

A Ukrainian officer was killed by men wearing Russian uniforms at a base in Crimea. Ukraine says it’s authorized forces in the region to use weapons in self-defense. This is now in a deadly phase.

Crimea going to Russia changes long-held assumptions about borders and security. The Crimea issue is not all about pride, the peninsula also has nice oil reserves that could be a loss for Ukraine and add to Russia’s trophy collection, along with all those Winter Olympic gold medals they got.

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