Russia vs US

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This is not about liberals fighting conservatives, or about political wars with wannabe friends over longtime established global allies.

This is about one country trying to destroy the greatest democracy on earth while our American leadership vacuum insists on looking the other way and allow it to go their way.

There is no question that Russia has and will continue to target US elections later this year as part of a sinister attempt influence our domestic politics. If past and present intelligence officials agree, why does a commander in chief deny this? CIA director expects Russia will target U.S. mid-term elections

And why does Trump appear to be doing the bidding of Putin to protect Russia? The Trump administration refrains from punishing Russia for election meddling, opts instead to name and shame Russian billionaires whose wealth and power is tied to the Kremlin, but keeps Putin's name off the list.

This is not fake news. The stories above, written by the worlds oldest and most respected news organizations beg anyone, including very stable genius to think twice before further Tweeting on making reckless responses.

Are we a constitutional republic, or an autocracy? The assistant FBI Director has been forced out because his wife is a member of the opposition party and the GOP wants to discredit Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The Whitehouse v. US Justice Department usually doesn’t end well for any president. No president including Dick Nixon has won a battle, and there is little reason to think President Trump will. Donald Trump Wants to Fight the FBI? It’s a Suicide Mission.

From Hoover on down the Bureau always has been political. The Massive Case Of Collective Amnesia: The FBI Has Been Political From The Start

The FBI considered former federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald for the Hillary Clinton probe. FBI considered Patrick Fitzgerald as special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton emails

Another turn in the limelight for White House counsel. Counsel Quietly Trying to Corral Trump While Pushing G.O.P.’s Agenda

President Trump and Robert Mueller are reaching the firing line. Twelve experts, 24 opinions, give or take, about whether it’s obstruction. Trump Tried to Fire Mueller. So What?

Give credit to the president’s current lawyer, Ty Cobb, for calming down his client. Trump’s Effort to Fire Mueller: Reactions to the New York Times Report…

An obstruction of justice case appears to be growing stronger. Three Insights into Attempted Firing of Mueller and Obstruction of Justice…

The president still doesn’t have an unfettered right to fire Robert Mueller. Trump Hasn’t Fired Mueller — Yet

Why Mueller probably thinks Trump did obstruct justice. It’s Now Likely Mueller Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice

Beware the perjury trap, Mr. President. In a Trump Hunt, Beware Mueller’s Perjury Trap…

Congress must act, now, to protect Mueller.

Meanwhile back at the Trump Putin bromance, Trump administration let top Russian spy official visit the US last week for meetings with U.S. intelligence officials, even though there are sanctions against him that typically prohibit such visits, sources confirmed to CBS News

By historical standards, an out-of-control executive. "Today, we are back to a similar place as in October 1973. This is why the new Nixonian story about Trump and Mueller is so unsettling." @JulianZelizer on the runaway presidency:…

I first became interested in journalism during the Nixon years. State of the Union 44 years ago: "I believe the time has come to bring that investigation and the other investigations of this matter to an end. One year of Watergate is enough." Timeline and Background Dick Nixon vs US History

History has shown us that people who sell out their homeland are homegrown traitors, and self-described patriots, usually with a serious psychological issue. Benedict Arnold was once a general during the American Revolutionary War, who fought for the American Continental Army, and later defected to join the British. Fidel Castro was a Cuban who became a communist dictator and sold out his nation out to The Russians. US Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin wasted years trying to expose “loyalty risks” inside the U.S. government without having any proof, or hard evidence to back up his claim. Does this sound familiar? Can you name any others?