Sanctuary City vs Trump

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Chicago sues Trump administration over policy. The city attorney filed a lawsuit alleging that federal officials cannot “commandeer local law enforcement to carry out federal immigration law functions.” Chicago sues Trump administration over sanctuary city plan Chicago files federal lawsuit over sanctuary cities threat

The lawsuit comes after the Justice Department threatened to withhold federal funding from jurisdictions unless they allow immigration officials access to local jails and require local police to provide 48 hours notice to ICE officers before releasing anyone wanted for immigration violations.

Chicago vs Trump administration over sanctuary cities grant threat…

The following details concerning the lawsuit. Emanuel trickles out details about lawsuit against Trump's Justice Department

How the “sanctuary cities” crackdown is facing resistance in unlikely places. Trump’s ‘sanctuary city’ crackdown faces resistance in areas that backed the president…

Chicago sues Trump

Sessions: Sanctuary city Chicago's hostility to law-enforcement protection 'astounding'