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When I lived in The Lone Star State, there was the phrase Don't Mess With Texas, but since we’ve been living in the great United States of America for many years, as a result of the blood sweat and tears of our military who actually served #USA, we say Don’t mess with SCOTUS.

The members of the US Supreme Court said, sorry Donald our rule is the law and don’t you ever forget it. President Trump was forced to cry uncle and announce the end of his useless fight which he lost to add a citizenship question to the US Census.

A question on citizenship would have caused immigrants fear participating in the US Census. About 6.5 million people might have gone uncounted and that would have skewed representation when Congressional districts are allocated in 2021, and would have also affected federal funding.

He can try to spin it, but POTUS and his posse lost the US Census battle and acknowledged defeat by throwing in the towel.
It’s a victory for a fair and accurate count in 2020, as our Constitution requires.

The Constitution says the census counts "persons," not "citizens," and records of debates on the issue show that proposals to count only citizens were considered and rejected. In order to try and save face, Trump then responded by stating what the federal government has already been doing forever by ordering every department and agency to provide the requested records regarding the number of citizens and non-citizens.

President Trump gives up on census citizenship question, orders agencies to collect citizenship data it already collects instead.

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