Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/14/2016 - 13:42

Why do some organizations do better than others? It comes down to services following the sale and the social media support.

Sales services; Folks no longer buy products without doing research. They want to know everything and they don’t want to get that information from marketing materials. They need to hear from other customers, and the details of the product. Make a platform to get excited about products of services and to excite a purchase, offer possible upgrades and continue to attract incoming customers.

With the right community strategy, brand enthusiasts will create an environment where products are constantly receiving low cost, reliable and better content that will be trusted by clients everywhere.

Social Support: Traditional support is expensive in terms of cash cost and staff resources, and customers hate it. No one wants to spend hours in a queue for telephone support or further hours sifting through pages and pages of documentation. Conversely, you don’t want your staff to be sitting on phone lines or staring at a Twitter page hoping vainly to be there when someone needs them. Brand advocacy requires that when something goes wrong, customers can fix it, fast. They want self-serve tools that they can access online.

The ideal support workflow is for a customer to ask a question and find a quick answer. Over time, a customer community becomes a constantly evolving and SEO-friendly knowledge base. An existing brand advocates add opinions, queries, or solutions, and the great standards of support create new ones.

Social is where customers build bonds and share experiences. A place for brand advocates to hang out and talk about their experiences and interests. They’ll form connections within the community organically, and strengthen their connection. Clients who feel valued return, buying more and more often than with brands without affinity. Everything hinges on the social aspect, it’s what gives customers a reason to return, to give support and to tell their friends.