Session Expiration?

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Did DOJ's top law enforcement officer break the law by lying to Congress under oath? Some fear there may appear to be a shell game being played on Capitol Hill.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Russian officials a couple of times, and some may say
does Trump continue to act presidential by refusing to fire his top law enforcement officer who lied under oath?

In a statement, AG Sessions says he "never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign."

White House stands by Sessions over his testimony on meetings with Russians

Democrats Call for Sessions to Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry

Others say not so quick. “To lie to Congress, you have to willfully know that you're actually misleading Congress." -- @DanSenor on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Good morning America. Our top story - Jeff Sessions failed to disclose Russian ambassador meetings

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U.S. investigators have examined contacts Attorney General Jeff Sessions had with Russian officials during the time he was advising Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to people familiar with the matter.

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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to his fellow senators about his contact with Russian officials during the presidential campaign. He reportedly spoke twice with the Russian ambassador last July and last September during meetings that were disclosed last night. He did not mention those contacts when asked during his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing earlier this year about communications between Trump officials and the Russians.

Sessions now is under investigation; a DOJ spokesman says the meetings were taken in his role as a senator and not as a Trump campaign flak.

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The Russia investigation will now be directed by Assistant Attorney General Dana J. Boente, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Mr. Boente, 62, has worked for the Justice Department since 1984 under both Republican and Democratic administrations. He served in the department’s tax division and held several positions in the Eastern District of Virginia. He also served as the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana from December 2012 to September 2013.

In October 2015, Mr. Boente was nominated by President Barack Obama to be the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and was confirmed by the United States Senate that December.

The district sprawls across a wide swath of the state. It covers six million people and often handles cases that touch on national security because its territory includes facilities like the Pentagon and the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Before joining the Justice Department, Mr. Boente clerked for a chief United States district judge, J. Waldo Ackerman, in the Central District of Illinois in 1982.

He has been praised by members of both parties during his career.

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When the treason trial finally begins for Jeff Sessions, will the judge say Sessions is now in court?