Sex Crimes

Submitted by ub on Fri, 11/10/2017 - 18:31

This is an old problem which repeatedly surfaces, but this time there are even more allegations and accusations than ever that are being hurled at politicians, and celebrities alike as victims decide to speak out against the famous and infamous.

We are a nation of laws and there are many issues to consider. Perhaps we should demand our public servants pass a law waiving the statute of limitations, retroactively, for all cases of sex abuse.

Women are finally banding together and speaking out against the increasing number of sexual predators. The rules aren't difficult. Never have sex with kids. Don’t use sex to pressure anyone for any reason whatsoever.

Unlike the charges leveled against other men accused of rape or sexual violence, the latest accusations involve the male masturbating or asking to expose himself in front of women, rather than physically touching or assaulting them. This sex act is still a sexual crime one too many women have experienced.

However, we must balance mistrust and presumed innocence. There are millions of naked stories in all the world's cities and these are just a few of them.…

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