Sex and Death In The City

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An NYPD cop became enraged at finding her ex-girlfriend together with another woman killing the new lover and wounding the ex.

A threesome as a one-off (so to speak). A three-in-a-bed is a sexual encounter Among three people, usually at least for two of those involved for the first and last time.

‘But not this time. An off-duty NYPD Officer did not like to see what she encountered behind closed doors.

The incident reportedly occurred this evening when the female cop arrived at the home on 19th Avenue near 79th Street in Bensonhurst and saw her girlfriend with another woman, according to sources. The cop then shot both women.

Off-duty NYPD cop shoots her girlfriend, another woman after finding them in bed, killing one of them: sources…

NYPD officer in custody after allegedly killing woman, shooting another inside NYC home: Sources

Off-Duty NYPD Cop Shoots Girlfriend After Walking In On Her With Woman in Brooklyn: Sources…

One dead after off-duty female cop shoots ex-girlfriend, another woman in NYC home…

Look at the way relationships were formed in early human societies. We see echoes of our own problems. “We came from primates, but in chimp society there are never couples or families. There were loners and females with children.” It was only as our brains evolved and emotions developed – including love – that monogamous relationships set in. For the first time (“somewhere between 1 million BC and 100,000BC.