Galeophobia Shark Fears

Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 09:35

Sharks aren't dead-eyed killers. They vary from anvil-headed lurkers to plant-eating Floridians. Biologists see distinctive behaviors in sharks, including whale sharks and great whites.

Sharks have social lives. They have a sixth sense, some live in schools, with a few which have lived longer than the #USA its founding, a civil war, two world wars... etc.

I am an independent Cuban, who holds no political affiliation, even though I was recruited and hired by a Republican President. However, I do know of one #Cuban Shark who could beat POTUS and he would probably be terrified of if he ran as a member of the GOP. Mark Cuban, the Shark Tank - Billionaire Entrepreneur #blogmaverick Twitter: Snap: #mcuban

Trump is 'obsessed' and 'terrified' of sharks – but his fears are excessive…


Inside Donald Trump’s Deathly Fear of Sharks: ‘I Hope All the Sharks Die’…

There's one thing Donald J. Trump hates more than reading... #Trump is afraid of SHARKS