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Am i misremebering, but was it Eric Sevareid who said shit by accident when the producer cut to him unexpectedly? I mean he was talking to someone else cause he was a professional but still a good blooper from the clean cut age. And then Bill OReilly yelling "fucking things suck" in that blooper was great.

Global scientific researchers are suggesting that manure may save the world from destruction, along with other crap humans routinely generate and throw away.

The message is loud and clear. Humans have long been producing a shit load of excrement and we have mistakenly been thinking that this crap is useless.

Feces power alone will not solve the world's energy challenges. But it looks like our European neighbors have woken up and smelled the aroma, realizing there no point letting all that crap go to waste.

The health of our planet may well depend on it.