Submitted by ub on Wed, 11/06/2013 - 01:26

NYC voters have finally elected their new Mayor. His name is Bill De Blasio and his victory signaled that the public was anxious to say goodbye to Mike Bloomberg's era.

Mayor Mike is a billionaire technocrat whose amazing wealth often made him appear insensitive to the plight of those struggling to make it in the Big Apple.

Bloomberg's popularity began to significantly sink after taking on a bully pulpit attitude and buying himself a third term by shoving a law down the throats of New Yorkers, which allowed Mayor Mike to skirt previously set term limits.

His three terms appear to unravel following his failed attempts to create a nanny state, by attempting to enforce his own rules and regulations that insulted some people. There was Bloomberg's war on sugary drinks, aka Big Gulps. His demand to curb New Yorkers' smoking habits and a requirement that cigarettes be kept out of sight, which annoyed more folks than it improved public health.

The 71 year old tycoon and 108th Mayor of NYC transformed the city into a playground for plutocrats, by appearing to care more about the super-rich and ignoring the poor, the homeless and most everyone else.

By election day, he had divided an electorate who voted for his polar opposite. New Yorkers apparently had enough and appear to have drop-kicked Bloomberg's long lasting reign into Hart Island to be buried somewhere in potters field.