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Lately, I have found that I go on Facebook a lot and perhaps a bit too much. Like many others who enjoy posting photos, ideas or suggestions. I even find myself reading most of the comments from my witty friends and members of my my loving family, but if a particular photo, or post doesn't get much attention... I usually don't think much about it.

My kids and many family members are also very familiar with Facebook and when posts are made, for the next few hours it is difficult to not be curious about how many "likes" these posts are getting.

Is this how our digital society is evolving seeking validation from random "likes" on the Internet?

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In the meantime, I might need to take a long and hard look at how often I'm online. My family and friends could probably use a little more eye and voice contact and a little less of me staring at posts to see who commented on their latest exploits.

Have you had any unexpected challenges related to tech or social media? How did you handle it? (Also, please follow City Island Images -

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