Submitted by ub on Wed, 04/04/2012 - 16:58

Almost all the non-renewable sources of energy are near exhaustion and if we do not harness the power of the renewable sources to their maximum potential, we have no one else to blame. This is why we are exploring solar energy. The sun is probably the biggest reason behind the existence of our planet. This source has great potential.

Solar panels were developed more than three decades ago and are now globally used in homes, as well as commercially. The main reasons for the growing popularity of home solar systems is the guarantee that comes with the solar panels. These solar panels guarantee to offer you the continuous power supply for about 25 years.

Also, there is a government incentive that becomes a motivating factor behind using solar power. It may still take a while until we can completely depend on solar energy for our power requirements. However, with the present rate of fossil fuel consumption, more and more people are turning towards the sun as the ultimate source of energy.

Some areas in the US make solar energy more attractive than others: Check this Federal government Web site.