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Will dad and daughter like the Trump boys lie while being tried for fraud and are they cruising for financial bruising with criminal charges?

New York Attorney General Letitia James scored the trial with Trump’s son's courtroom admissions under oath that sealed the Trump Organization’s fate and made the case a slam dunk for the people of New York.

Don Jr and Eric testified without their Big Daddy present and learned that New York Attorney General James is considering additional fraud penalties thanks to a recent daddy’s $60M golf-course sale. Meanwhile, Daddy’s little girl is expected to throw him under the bus. Next iup are Princess Nepotism: who has been trashed for trying to duck testimony due to hardship and then fat man is trying to get on the stairway to HELP.

Before he yielded the stand to Eric Trump, a state attorney made the significant revelation.

Donald Trump, Jr., completed two days of testimony in the Trump civil fraud trial in New York City.

NY now wants some of the $60M sale of Trump's Bronx golf course, above the $250M originally sought.

Meanwhile, Daddy is burned out.

Eric Trump testifies he wasn’t aware of dad’s financial statements, but emails show some involvement…

I leave it to my accountants": Trump Jr. keeps things vague in fraud trial testimony…

At NY trial, Eric and Donald Trump Jr say they were not aware of fraud…

Eric Trump will continue his testimony Friday in the civil case brought by New York’s attorney general. He and Donald Trump Jr. are accused by their father of inflating the value of business assets.

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