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Anne Hutchinson & New Netherland,

at National Historic Site in Westchester County, Sat., Aug. 11

The interface between the bold Puritan exile Anne Hutchinson, the local Lenape Indians and the Dutch colony of New Netherland, near St. Paul’s Church in the 1640s, will be explored in a special talk by Professor Evan P. Haefeli of Columbia University, at St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site, in Mt. Vernon, on Sat. Aug. 11, at 1 PM. Professor Haefeli’s presentation particularly examines Mrs. Hutchinson’s saga in connection with the theme of religious toleration in New Netherland, which is covered in his forthcoming book, New Netherland and the Origins of American Religious Liberty. Tours of the historic church and cemetery at St. Paul’s follow the talk.

Parking and admission free; light refreshments served on Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012; talk about Anne Hutchinson & New Netherland at 1 PM; the site is open from noon to 4 PM

St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site, 897 South Columbus Ave, Mt. Vernon, NY 914-667-4116;