State of Confusion?

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#POTUS @realDonaldTrump escalates war against media and Comey

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• attacks private citizens on Twitter.
• delegitimizes federal judges who rule against him.
• refuses to take responsibility for military actions gone awry.
• fires FBI chief during his expanding investigation into his campaign and his associates
• accuses a former president, without evidence, of an impeachable offense
• employs top aides with financial and other connections to a hostile foreign power
• blames the judiciary, in advance, for any terror attacks
• calls the media “the enemy of the American people”
• demands personal loyalty from the F.B.I. director
• threatens the former F.B.I. director
• accepts foreign payments to his businesses, in possible violation of the Constitution
• occupies the White House with the help of a hostile foreign power
• intimidates congressional witnesses
• allows White House staff members to use their personal email for government business
• neglects to fill thousands of crucial federal government positions for months
• claims, without evidence, that millions of people voted illegally
• keep his national security topper after knowing he lied to VP and was exposed to blackmail
• refuses to release tax returns
• hides the White House visitors’ list from the public
• vacations at one of his private residences nearly every weekend
• uses an unsecured personal cell phone
• criticizes specific businesses for dropping his family members’ products
• allows the officer with “nuclear football” to be photographed and identifies him by name
• obstructs justice
• hires family, and lets them meet with foreign officials and engage in business at the same time
• promotes family businesses on federal government websites
• tweet, tweet, tweet
• colluded with members of Congress to try to shut down investigations of him and his associates
• threatens military conflict with other nations in the middle of news interviews
• compares the U.S. intelligence community to Nazis
• displays complete ignorance about international relations, policies, and American history
• skips daily intelligence briefings
• repeat fake news and accuses others
• lies like the orange rug on his head

Have we reached a moment of crisis in the history of American democracy? Russians under investigation are being welcomed with their media representatives inside The American people's White House and enter our Oval Office? Is this any way to make any nation greater?

Who has lied about previous Presidents, Congress, Opponents, 9/11, Iraq, ISIS, Syria, NATO, Women, Mexicans, Muslims, Crime, Fraud, Surveillance, Military, Russia, USA...etc?

Comey turned up Trump-Russia probe days before firing

Lawsuits piling up against Trump:

Comey had pushed for more resources for Russia probe before being fired by Trump: source via @Reuters

The James Comey Show writes @DanHenninger via @WSJOpinion


Is America a Failing State?…

The head of the Census Bureau just quit, and the consequences are huge via @voxdotcom

Do you want to know more about what the presidents and others are saying?