Submitted by ub on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 15:36

“It saddens me how some people have no regard for human life. Yesterday, a shooting occurred while families and young children were enjoying a beautiful evening on E. 181st and Daly Ave. This time three people were shot: 20-year old, Ricky Rodriquez, two-year old Patience Boyd and six-year old Jayla Rodriquez. While Ricky and Jayla are in stable condition, Patience remains in critical condition, and may lose her life to a thug’s bullet.

“We cannot afford to lose life after life to senseless gun violence, and even though we have come so far we still have more work to do. My office will continue to work to take illegal guns off of our streets by speaking directly to youth, working to promote gun buyback programs and through our ‘Peace in our Streets’ campaign, which speaks directly to Bronx residents on the need to report illegal guns. It hurts me greatly that young children cannot simply go outside and play on a nice summer day without fear of being struck down by a stray bullet,”