Stockbridge Indian Massacre, Battle of Kingsbridge 1778

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The Kingsbridge Historical Society was established on 1949. The group will host a historic walk: Stockbridge Indian Massacre, aka Battle of Kingsbridge 1778 on Thursday September 4th 6:30 PM

The American Revolution in the Bronx during the late Summer of 1778 centered on the constant patrols, raids, and ambushes in the “Neutral Ground or Neutral Zone”.

This was the area between the two fighting armies that was not under complete control. Specifically, regiments of the Continental Army were stationed on Valentine Hill in Yonkers and those of the British Army were camped in the Bronx and upper Manhattan.

The Kingsbridge Historical Society invites you to take a summer walk to learn of the events and battle that resulted in the massacre of the Stockbridge Indians in Van Cortlandt Park in 1778. The walk will start at the Stockbridge Memorial, and proceed along “Devoe’s Lane”, a dirt road surrounded by stone walls in the park, as it was in 1778.

Additionally, the location of where the remains of the Stockbridge Indians were buried will be discussed. The president of the Society promises that if you like your history you can keep your history and there is no way better than to get out and experience where it took place.

This will also be a good time for you to view the memorial for these American Patriots who died fighting for our Independence because the temporary dog run in the midst of the ambush site will soon become a permanent reality. Our Community Board, Councilman and the Parks Department have approved that a permanent half a million dollar dog run be build NEXT TO this war memorial. Sadly, the community board professed ignorance about the memorial site. So come "walk the talk" to learn the history of this massacre and decide whether a dog run is appropriate or disrespectful to the honor of these Patriots who died here in Van Cortlandt Park.

If is advised that those who will be on the walk wear proper footwear and bring water. The walk is short, moderate and free. The group will meet at the intersection of Van Cortlandt Park East and Oneida Avenue in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx. We will gather at 6:30PM sharp. The Walk is expected to last about an hour. We would appreciate if you would email the Society and let us know if you will be coming on the walk and how many in your group.

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