Student Media Under Fire

Submitted by ub on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 13:19

College and university administrations are increasingly exerting pressure in attempts to control, edit, or censor student journalistic content.

This pressure has been reported in every segment of higher education. The report finds that administrative efforts to subordinate campus journalism to public relations concerns are inconsistent with the mission of higher education to foster intellectual exploration and debate. And while journalism that discusses students’ dissatisfaction with the perceived shortcomings of their institutions can be uncomfortable, it fulfills an important civic function.

However, publicly reported cases may just be the tip of a much larger iceberg. A March 2016 survey of college and university media advisers affiliated with the College Media Association revealed that over a three-year period more than twenty media advisers who had not previously shared their stories reported suffering some degree of administrative pressure to control, edit, or censor student journalistic content.

The report can be found here.