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Don't miss next week's On-Location seminar at Hayden 5 Media! If you would like to attend, e-mail with your name, school and year (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior).

On-Location: Hayden 5 Media

Wednesday, January 18

3:30 pm

Students Only

The founders of this bustling multi-media enterprise, Milos Silber and Todd Wiseman, first met during freshman year in film school. After graduation, they decided fate had created an ideal partnership and named their media start-up Hayden 5 Media after their dorm at NYU.

Soon they were churning out productions of all kinds: music videos, TV shows, commercials and feature films for a client list the boasts MTV, Def Jam, Edelman and Universal Motown. Learn about their latest projects and find out how they found success with their own company!