Submitted by ub on Sat, 11/21/2020 - 14:19

The accomplishment of goals and our achievements are obtained when we disown our frustrations.

Can-do people aggressively pursue solutions and uncover creative methods others never even try to find. Rather than wallowing in helplessness, overcome the obstacles and move on.

Take the bull by the horns.

Can-do people are fearless. We go straight to the source of their solution. The effort commands attention as we wrestle a problem to the ground with expediency. 

Enter the no whining zone.

Can-do people abstain from complaining. We recognize its futility and guard our minds and mouths against indulging in this activity.

Put on another’s pair of shoes.

Can-do people empathize with others. We attempt to see any predicament from the other person’s perspective in order to make the best decisions.

Nurture your passion.

Can-do people are immune to burnout. We learn how to fuel the fire that keeps us moving. The prize is not given to the person who’s the smartest, nor to the person with the advantages in resources and position, it is the person with passion.

Walk the second mile.

Can-do people exceed expectations. While others settle for an acceptable solution, we aren’t satisfied until we have achieved the unimagined. we set expectations for ourselves higher than what is dictated by the people or other situations.

Quit stewing and start doing.

Can-do people take action. While others are crippled by worry, fear, and anxiety, we have the fortitude to press forward. The perfect moment when all is safe and assured never arrives, so don't wait for it?

Go with the flow.

Can-do people can adjust to change. We don’t gripe about an unexpected curve in the road. We accept it with an optimistic outlook.

Follow through to the end.

Can-do people not only start, but we finish. We are self-starters with the capacity to close the deal. If we make an all-out commitment with a can-do attitude, we will achieve access. Passionate commitment is contagious.