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Summertime and the living is dangerous, according to officials who are warning New Yorkers that the hot and humid summer weather can cause serious illness and death.

On average, more Americans die from heat waves than all other natural disasters combined. The best way to prevent heat illness is to stay in an air conditioned place. Make sure you are prepared and help family, friends, and neighbors stay cool during a heat wave.

What is Heat Illness?

Heat illness occurs when the body cannot cool down.
The body normally cools itself by sweating and increasing blood flow to the skin.
When the body cannot keep cool, the brain and other organs can be damaged, causing illness and even death.

Heat illness includes health conditions which occur directly because of the hot weather. This includes illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

City Island Images suggests you stay indoors and enjoy the following clips:

Staying cool and being cool can be hard work. This brings extra stress on the body.