SupeR MoM

Submitted by ub on Mon, 05/15/2017 - 01:04

CITY IMAGES is proud and delighted to wish a Happy and Healthy Mothers day to our favorite Super MoM, Natasha #NatashaYusta, and her gorgeous posse, who are also UB, aka GB's grandchildren. From grammar school to College; #ElenaRoman, #CloeYusta #SophiaYusta, and my little big man, #ParkerYusta.

The blessings of a big family are only felt by few
We're the chosen ones who enjoy the blessing too

The benefits are numerous it's hard to even start
No need to name them cause they hold a spot in my heart

The love of every person in a big posse is unique
It makes us special and should never be critiqued

The imagery made are precious diamonds and gold
from babies to weddings for young and old

From GB to grandkids and everyone in between
These special bonds could have never been foreseen

Thank you, God, for the large family we treasure
Through the good times and bad, our memories are measured

Thank God, for Chloe's birthday, for all her joys and maybe a tear
I pray that these blessings last till I return this year

For a supermom with a big family can be lots of work, but make time to play
Because life is short, let's count our blessings for this healthy and happy family every day.