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Congratulations to The New England Patriots, which stunned The Atlanta Falcons in a Super Bowl Overtime Thriller. After everything that happened to Tom Brady it can be called Patriot's Revenge.

Brady earned a 4th Super Bowl MVP trophy with his epic comeback. They produced the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime and claim a fifth title in the most dramatic game.

Simply, the best Super Bowl ever | Les Carpenter

Everyone is talking and writing, or reading about the historic game:

However, deflated or inflated footballs were not the only things flying over Houston.

Super Bowl LI halftime show featured hundreds of lighted drones. The devices required clearance from the FAA, which had placed a ban on drones at or near the stadium.

FAA declared a 34.5-mile radius around Houston's NRG Stadium a "no drone zone" on game day, so this was complicated, to say the least.
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