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Today is bigger than Superbowl, because it will effect our lives as the most important day so far in the camp pain 2016 race for the presidency.

Super Tuesday is the day when twelve states hold contests between the two parties. However, there is no state that is more important than Texas for both sides.

According to published reports, this is because it has by far the most delegates up for grabs. Republican Donald Trump was leading in nearly every Super Tuesday state, according to polling averages. A clean sweep would give Trump a serious lead, but don't count out Ted Cruz, who was leading in his home state of Texas.

Marco Rubio figures to do well in Minnesota and will look to amass delegates in several other states as well.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton was reportedly leading polling averages in every Super Tuesday state, except for Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont. USA TODAY will have live coverage from all the contests.

BBC News - US election 2016: Super Tuesday to test candidates