In support of those who chafe at Trump's "success" as a President

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 01/15/2017 - 23:34

The tragedy is what he "succeeds" at. My son and are about to lose our health insurance because of his policies. Many of my students' parents are about to be put on deportation lists due to their countries of origin and religious beliefs. My women students are terrified to be sexually assaulted in a climate led by an admitted sexual predator.

I fear a systemic "dumbing down" of our populace in light of our poorly educated incoming leadership. In all, we are facing a cataclysm. I want him to fail at demeaning women. I want him to fail at deporting Muslims. I want him to fail at building a wall between US and Mexico. I want him to fail at reversing women's rights to health care access and reproductive planning. I want him to fail at reversing progress on environmental protections. I want him to fail in installing Supreme Court justices who reverse the progress we've made on human rights, children's rights, women's rights, marital freedoms, environmental rights, criminal justice reforms, common sense gun laws. I want him to fail in his efforts to embolden Russian criminals' access to US databanks and elections. I want him to fail at appointing people who've spent their working lives undermining middle-class values and access to education, jobs, and judicial recourse.

Trump stands for absolutely zero of my values. Zero. I absolutely do not trust him to do the right thing for me, my family, my students, my colleagues, my country or the world. I judge him by his actions, his words (recorded), his close allies, and his political appointees. The very moments he mocked a disabled reporter and said on record that grabbing women's genitals was his privilege, he lost any and all chances of me. And those were just the tip of the iceberg.

The truth will out, no doubt. He is not my President. He does not speak for me. His election was dubious at best, and until there is a true accounting, I will not accept him. He reflects none of the values that I hold dear. Trump failing to succeed in building a wall, tearing apart families, inciting violence against women, deporting citizens based on their religious beliefs, destroying our planet due to his ignorance of science and unwillingness to listen to scientists, and bullying other countries into submission, making family planning impossible, marginalizing the poor, shredding our struggling education system, and rewarding the wealthy with greater wealth and insulation from prosecution will all be victories to my mind.

Professor Renee L. K. Eastabrooks