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13 months after US Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly, the supreme courting has ended and the judging intensifies.

President Obama initially chose Judge Merrick Garland to fill his seat, but a Republican-led Senate insisted that the next president should get to pick Scalia's replacement.

President Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch and the Senate now has to approve Gorsuch for the vacancy.

US Senate Judiciary Committee members will give Gorsuch the OK to get a vote in the Senate. but even though Democrats don’t have much leverage, they’re crying foul over the whole Garland situation, and don’t plan to make this easy on the GOP.

Senators plan to filibuster to block the vote, but the GOP needs 60 votes to stop it. Since they don’t have the votes. So instead, they may “go nuclear” and change Senate rules to force the confirmation.

The Senate Could Go 'Nuclear' This Week. What Does That Mean?

Senate panel to vote on Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Democrat Senator Jon Tester will vote against Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

Senate braces for fight as panel votes on Trump Supreme Court nominee… via @WSJ

Senate panel prepares for a partisan showdown over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

Senate panel expected to approve Trump's Supreme Court pick, set up Senate showdown:

Mitchell McConnell: Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch 'will be confirmed this week' via @upi

The good old days of Supreme Court nominations? They don’t exist.

Washington's high court fights date to Washington himself

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Trump should not be allowed to pick a Supreme Court justice. He's not a legitimate president.