Survailance Money Well $pent? You Decide

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Why is it that toppers at City Island Chamber of Commerce are paying $100K to an outside vendor for about a dozen cameras to make secret video recordings to be stored at undisclosed locations? "Mission Impossible", Big Brother is Watching You, or something else altogether?

City Island Images wanted to know, so we tried asking NY Senator Klein, who made himself unavailable and then cancelled a previously scheduled interview. We also approached the City Island Chamber President, who said "I know who you are" but did not agree to set up a meeting for an interview, and their VP told us he was not an expert and did not know any of the specifics about this project, then reenacted - "Don't Say A Word". Isn't that the name of a major motion picture, which was filmed on location around City Island?

Over a year ago, it was published in the Bronx Times Reporter that SiSoft Communications would install some 15 Mobotix cameras on a system platform during the summer of 2011, with installation taking six to 10 weeks. Now, more than 52 weeks later, this project may finally get started. Stay tuned, but our understanding is that the public will not be allowed to see these video images.

Meanwhile, City Island Images has been streaming live video from a couple of different City Island locations for the past several months and everyone who has access to a home computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet can easily monitor these video images for free, 24/7. The total cost for this City Island Images public service video sharing project has been only a few hundred dollars. So you do the math and ask yourselves... Where are all those taxpayers dollars going?

We suggest you contact the chamber officials, or Senator Klein and ask. Also, try contacting SiSoft Communications. If and when you receive a satisfactory response, please kindly let City Island Images know. We would really appreciate it and will share it with everyone else.

This just in... On Thursday 4/12/12 at 12:30PM there will be a press conference near the City Island Bridge, to announce the beginning of the security camera instillation.
We are told that several news organizations will be there.

The City Island Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 13 - Bronx, NY 10464
Gerard S. Giacco, President, Lickety Split
Paul Klein, Vice President, Kaleidoscope Gallery
Jo Heck, Treasurer

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technically, at the moment one needs to only look up from the post on the main page to see video for city island... the irony..