Tasty Food A Ride Away

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 01/22/2017 - 13:49

Nestled in LA is a special trendy restaurant a short ride away called Horse's Mouth, with a new location coming soon.

These past Christmas holidays were huge because I enjoyed time with my kids and grandchildren, and also because it was the start of a new era heralded by delightful meals and sights rarely seen in The City of Angels. Hungry people joyfully waiting in line for the privilege of entering this special restaurant. Yes, It's definitely worth the ride just to emerge into a modern, unassuming eatery with a natural decor background and an equally noteworthy menu.

Horses Mouth is a Southland eatery soon directed by Chef Charlie Yusta who is well on his way to earning a Michelin. But after only a few months in business, it's already cultivated a devoted roster of regulars. This is partially thanks to Charlie and Natasha, the chef's wife, who oversees the business. Always dressed to the nines, she and all the servers are warm and attentive, good at remembering faces. But it's also thanks to the menu, which is broad but consistently well executed.

The universe of Los Angeles eateries has greatly expanded over the years, to include trendy spots like Horse's Mouth with mouthwatering offerings like these from an experienced and seasoned chef.

Horse’s Mouth speaks volumes about Koreatown’s seafood scene… via @EaterLA