Tax Day USA

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President Trump says he can not release his taxes because he is being audited, but his most recent taxes which were due to be filed today can not be under audited so quickly right?

What's wrong with a leader who seeks tax reform, but refuses to share his own forms?

Democrats celebrate Tax Day by trolling Trump on Twitter: “What is POTUS hiding?”…

Sen. Schumer: Tax reform harder if Trump won't release returns…

Trump’s Unreleased Taxes Threaten Yet Another Campaign Promise

What Trump's Taxes Would Not Show About His Finances

Opinion | Why Trump's tax returns will keep causing Republicans headaches

Democrats vow to stall tax reform as Trump still won't release tax returns…

Trump could release his taxes but probably won't, experts say - ABC News -

NYC Mayor and other Democrats use occasion to talk Trump tax returns

The Great Trump Tax Mysteries: Is He Hiding Loopholes, Errors, or Something More Serious?

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Is going to be screwed by The FBI