Tax Plan or Tax Scam?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 07/31/2017 - 09:25


US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin meets Koch conservatives to promote #Trumptaxplan. Has anyone seen his taxes yet? The American taxpayer must be able to understand the full scope of #TRUMPTAXES.

How can the administration forge a close collaboration with the Koch brothers and President Trump, when his own taxes are not known? Are the Koch brothers gearing up to convince US their version of tax reform means only the 1% deserve tax cuts?

This high-profile session comes as the political empire tied to billionaire industrialists Charles Koch and his brother David Koch launches a multimillion-dollar campaign to advance Trump's desire to slash corporate taxes and embrace broader cuts. Do Libertarians want to keep middle & working class American workers weak?

The question which begs to be asked is why are the Koch Brothers putting their money where their mouth is and how does all of this help our working class USA Superstars aka American Heroes?

Are these Koch Brothers at the root of our problems, political and climate? Do Billionaires David and Charles earn $115 billion a year from coal? Are the Koch brothers the ones who pushed for the transgender troop ban?

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