Teacher Appreciation

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Teachers are academic superheroes. Most of them educate, innovate, encourage and support their students. Each day they touch the lives of millions of children and their influence extends far beyond the classroom. Most of them are marvelous.

However, there are some tenured professors who are protected by a broken academic system. These so called educators are supposed to be training and preparing students for the real world, but have never worked there themselves. There is the chair who teaches film and has never worked on a major motion picture and then there is this dean who writes about diversity, but lacks Latinos, Blacks, or Asians in their department.

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It's Teacher Appreciation Week. Why some teachers don't exactly appreciate it.


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Why do we have a system where experience is discounted? It seems like we are getting third hand information. Teachers get second hand information and then give that diluted information to students. Real experience is tremendously important. I heard a good critique about television shows and I believe it can be a good analogy for education. "You have people who write sitcoms based on older sitcoms and not on real experiences." Teachers teach based on what they were taught and not by what they experienced.
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