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Yahoo has announced its biggest deal so far. CEO Marissa Mayer just purchased the blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. It is a move designed to attract younger users into Yahoo, which is a struggling Internet pioneer.

The two firms confirmed weekend reports of the tie-up, a deal which keeps the fast-growing Tumblr largely independent while integrating technology and advertising opportunities.

“It's amazing.Tumblr is a game changer and a great service,” says City Island's Ron Terner, who tells City Island Images that he and his wife have thousands of images posted there. Contents must be viewed by persons 18+

Terner is one of NYC's most experienced photographers, having been in business on City Island for over 30 years. Focal Point gallery shop has kept it's door wide open for decades, while many ride their bikes, walk or drive over to marvel at his works of art.

Ron and his wife Susan offer many artistic creations, like photographs, paintings and handmade jewelry all at very reasonable prices. Their installations are artistically deigned, amazingly displayed. They are a delightful duo and always helpful without overwhelming visitors to make a sale.

Last but certainly not least, Manhattan prices have clearly been overlooked at Focal Point Gallery. Call Ron or Suzi @ (718) 885-1403

Founded in 2007 with its headquartered in NY, Tumblr claims to have more than 108 million blogs, 50 billion postings in 12 languages, with 175 employees.