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You nailed it! It's the bankers that run the country. Bankers make $20 million bonuses and the president make $300k, bloggers make more than that. That why I like Trump, he's got the money to say f-you to the banks, Bernie sanders is like that too! I like him too. But they are trying to make a world society like the Freemasons were after in the 1700s. A new world order that several politicians referenced. Hillary clinton goes to those Bilderberg meetings, she probably has sex with men who wear goat heads, illuminati stuff. My friend The Falcon has it all figured out man. But he can't go public or they'll kill him. He figured out how to run a car on water too, like Stan Meyer. The oil companies killed Meyer, so The Falcon won't let that happen to him. The oil companies and the billionaires are the illuminati and want to control the world under one big banking community! The Koch brothers are so obvious with their "PACs"! And don't get me started on the Rothchild family, they run the world. Why did Obama get elected? Cause he's their puppet, if he wasn't trying to create a NWO he never would have created that Iran Nuke Deal, so obvious. But the illuminati are dumb and mess up, Obama dancing the tango in Argentina with that cleavage lady shows how little they care for the others in the world. Cuba tried to hold out but now they are getting brought into the NWO. We have to hold out and fight the Freemasons or we will all be their slaves. Fight the power my brother, I know now you're one of us! Spread the gospel of truth, I'll send you some literature by The Falcon if you're hip to the real message.

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The Falcon sent me this video to enlighten the gilded masses. The info is on the intranet, it's up to the outsider media to report the truth!
Bilderberg to eliminate Trump

This fear comes in many ways, shapes and forms, Dangerous crimes and attacks, as well as the fear of not being able to financially care for ourselves and our families.

There are multiple fears, with the first being a crisis of security and extremism, as we witnessed on Tuesday in the horrors in Pakistan and Belgium. The second is a crisis of human movement, when hundreds of thousands of refugees are moving and a debate over the means by which to manage them. The third is the world political crisis, in which conventional politics is being challenged by more extreme and intolerant parties.

We fear worldwide bombings and horrific acts of inhumanity, while other international fears also consumes us. The global economic crisis is a fear of income inequality. The poor don't need charity, but just to be able to earn a living wage. There are folks who work for philanthropists, who decide what to give away after making all their money. These people will not change the worldwide crisis. Only government will solve this huge problem, but not until leaders develop good paying jobs and sustainable economies.

When the richest country in the world has 400 billionaires, who own more money than half the population, its time to call it what it is... a shadow world government.

Death toll from Easter bombing in Pakistan reaches 70 http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/3d281c11a96b4ad082fe88aa0db04305/Articl…

Terror network’s web sprawls beyond Brussels and Paris http://on.wsj.com/1XX2OKl via @WSJ

Man arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of 'planning a terror attack' on France http://shr.gs/qN65nz

Fueling Terror: How Extremists Are Made http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/fueling-terror-how-extremists… #science