Thanks be to GOOD

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 19:21

Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards analog and digital content.

In a universe of endless emails, group chats, pop-up images, unwanted messages, good old analog saves time, inspires creativity and our sources swear that Google requires pen and paper when brainstorming new projects because its better than digital screens.

Virtual communities are built online. They’re the antithesis of analog, which contributes to whereever we happens to live.
Analog excels at encouraging human interactions, which is crucial to our own physical and mental well-being.

The dynamic of a teacher working in a classroom full of students has not only proven resilient, but has outperformed digital learning experiments time and again. Digital may be extremely efficient in transferring pure information, but learning happens best when we build upon the relationships between students, teachers and their peers.

We do not face a simple choice of digital or analog. That is the false logic of the binary code that computers are programmed with, which ignores the complexity of life in the real world. Instead, we are faced with a decision of how to strike the right balance between the two. If we keep that in mind, we are taking the first step toward a healthy relationship with all technology, and, most important, one another.

Please support local businesses because their taxes pave the roads, pay for transportation and essential services. Support local shops, the hardware stores, grocers, butchers in your neighborhood, the brick and mortar presence is the fiber of our communities and a feeling of belonging. Also, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platforms won’t neutralize raving lunantics.

Digital may be extremely efficient in transferring data and information, but education happens with personal relationships between researchers, teachers and our students.

Consider a balance of digital and analog. The false logic of binary code in computer programs ignore the complexity of life in the real world.

If we develop a healthier relationship with technology, we’lol have a stronger more solid understanding of one another.

Happy San Giving, and taking, digital sisters and brothers.