Thanks A Whole Lot, Mayor Bloomberg

Submitted by ub on Sat, 09/07/2013 - 12:56

Political primary season in NYC is here and candidates are attempting to meet and greet the city's 8 million residents, or at least the 4 million registered voters, who eventually may turn out to cast a ballot.

These politicians continue to meet and greet, they kiss many babies, smile at the crowds and then check their smart phones. However few intelligent conversations are taking place about the organized labor mess the next NYC Mayor will inherit from three term Mike Bloomberg.

New Yorkers will face the largest problem the city has had with labor unions since the city came close to bankruptcy back in the 70's. The ones who will actually take time to vote will have an opportunity to chose the best person who can deal with this giant mess, since Bloomberg was not able to or not willing to do it even after an extra term in office.

NYC 152 collective bargaining units representing 300 thousand full time municipal workers have continued to work without a contract for nearly xix years now. They include teachers, police officers and firefighters who are anxiously awaiting the outcome of this mayoral election. The lack of progress is the largest problem the Bloomberg legacy may have to learn to live with. - Enter the word negotiation and search. You will find six items listed. Is this a decade of progress?