The Case For Resistance

Submitted by ub on Sun, 08/25/2019 - 10:27

We may also call it defiance or opposition because Authoritarianism is an international infection and the disease has been gaining ground in democratic nations. However, autocracies like China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, and others are facing challenges from within.

Our government may be moving towards Third Reich and Soviet territory. Our tax dollars being used to detain and abuse children FOR-PROFIT for indeterminate lengths of time with absolutely no oversight. It is only a matter of time before these designations will include anyone considered an enemy?

Here at home, Americans voters are selfish racist, but not stupid

Some voters don't care, so convincing them is worthless

2020 isn't about them being deceived

It's about complicity

Some strong new candidates are needed

Base turnout is the future of the entire 2020 election

These sentences were selected from online news sources to reflect the current usage of the word 'Resistance. Whether a noun or an adjective, it is essential to Democracy in this day in age.

Hats off to the individuals who are standing up in the #Republican Party on behalf of #GOP party and our entire country.

1a: an act or instance of resisting: OPPOSITION
b: a means of resisting

2: the power or capacity to resist: such as
a: the inherent ability of an organism to resist harmful influences (such as disease, toxic agents, or infection)
b: the capacity of a species or strain of microorganism to survive exposure to a toxic agent (such as a drug) formerly effective against it

3: an opposing or retarding force

4a: the opposition offered by a body or substance to the passage through it of a steady electric current
b: a source of resistance

5: a psychological defense mechanism wherein a patient rejects, denies, or otherwise opposes the therapeutic efforts of a psychotherapist

6: often capitalized: an underground organization of a conquered or nearly conquered country engaging in sabotage and secret operations against occupation forces and collaborators

7: relating to, or being exercise involving pushing or pulling against a source of resistance such as weight to increase strength resistance training