The Most Admired

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Spoiler alert it’s not McCarthy nor Big Mac Donald. it’s not even a Republican. He is the Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffreys.

People have been gathering to discuss decisions since The Garden of Eden over the forbidden fruit, but this GOP basket is rotten to the core and it may spoil the entire bunch. We are seeing a pathetic shout show. (Thanks for Spellchecking)

Welcome to 2023, where American politics faces historic challenges, including an exhausted Congress, with increasing pressure to keep costs down just in case the USA enters an economic recession.

Given this toxic environment, it’s critical they focus on moving a few t important issues forward rather too than many things a mere inch. However, the chaos caucus group of 20 does not appear to be interested in governing.

US Representative Hakeem Jeffries made history as the first Black lawmaker to lead a party in Congress as the 118th Congress convenes in Washington and has received more votes than Kevin McCarty, the presumptive Republican leader

Another historic event taking place in full view is a prolonged floor fight for the House speaker to come to a conclusion.

McCarthy is not a happy camper following a half dozen ballots for Speaker after the second day of the 118th session of Congress.

It’s been two long days and lonely nights of clashes and deadlock, Republicans are hoping with thoughts and prayers for some kind of sign in the grueling process to seat the Speaker to lead their new majority in the new Congress.

The GOP is burning the house and what should be a triumphal moment for Republicans has turned out instead to be a monumental embarrassment — or, as one reportedly called it a “big belly-flop.”