The Real USA Allies

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We The People of The United States of America have long relied on a group of close allies, along with formal diplomatic relations with most UN member states except for Bhutan, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. That was then, but @realDonaldTrump has now changed all of this. Where is our system of checks and balances?

Why is it that longtime allies and trading partners like Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Mexico and South Korea have been pushed aside for North Korea, Russia, and China?

A dictator, who runs a monster State. he treats his people as slaves. Thousands die, while this fat cat and his friends receive rewards. There is one single family in control and all it delivers are empty promises.

When did Trump decide to legitimize North Korea and got nothing but vague promises in return then gave Kim Jong Un the thumbs up and a wide grin that was obviously absent while he met with G-7 allies? Why is he insisting on Russia be included? Are Americans ashamed of Trump embracing our adversaries and attacking our allies? Has Congress been politically castrated? Why are Congressional leaders silent after Trump abandoned a statement with longtime US trading partners? Did Trump describe the dictator of North Korea, which is one of the most repressive dictatorships on earth honorable and does he represent all Americans when he makes such statements?

Why did Trump praise a murderous dictator as very talented? The US North Korea joint statement is much weaker than any other in decades. There is no reference to a way forward, no specific roadmap, nor a clear diplomatic strategy outlined. Is it only to expand business opportunities and how will all these actions ultimately benefit the people of US?

While we are being told that North Korea has agreed to complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula as a concession, as usuals @POTUS is light on specifics about what that process might look like or how it could be verified. The great deal maker does not appear to have struck such a deal.

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