That Time Has Come

Submitted by ub on Wed, 01/20/2021 - 02:17

One has got to be the loneliest number when the time comes to face our maker and respond to the ghost of mass destructions.

In the end, the hate he dealt was equal to the one he felt. An Isolated and shunned fat, and lonely lameDuckDonald expected a massive crowd for his senile sendoff, but few bothered to go, and most of his senior officials were a no show. Perhaps they sent their mail-in goodbyes or just weren’t that much into him, so they didn't even bother to watch the canceled tv shit-show. As he was fond of saying - Everybody knows that and It is what it is.

VP Mike Pence, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, and many others from the GOP will not be there to say adios, or hasta la vista baby Trump to LameDuckDonald as he flies away today. The USA government toppers will be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration instead because Trump’s time has come to run and hide.

Defeated, disgraced, and twice impeached perfectly sums up Trump's downfall

Like father, like son, liars will never be any good. They have been making stuff up for years as the type of mean mass bullshitters we haven’t seen much of in the USA.

While liars only say things they know are untrue, bullshitters tell lies and also say whatever they think will work best and have no interest in whether their statements are true or not. Demagogues, bamboozlers, babblers, bullshitters are all wasting time with empty and meaningless words. 

They don’t care about the truth, they are being lazy in how they express themselves and have no idea what they’re saying. Demagogues are true believers in themselves, but what they’re saying doesn’t jibe with the facts but are convincing, since they communicate on an emotional level. They effectively manipulate people who aren’t smart.

If you’ve met unscrupulous salespersons, they say If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullshit. In other words, they effortlessly interchange lies and jargon to get what they want. Since they are out-and-out liars, 

Keep your guard up at all times, and just say no. Challenging a bamboozler is as pointless as punching a marshmallow they’ll just absorb the challenge and keep lying. Annoy them enough and they’ll leave and bother someone else.

That’s why they have been so dangerous, like the old man he communicates without regard for the facts or the real truth, turning communications principles into evil purposes.