The Trump Virus

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After listening to free-flowing #CPAC Oral diarrhea more Americans are asking to be inoculated for the Trump virus. #TrumpVirus

More than one-half million have died in the USA since Trump lied and continue to spread misinformation about the deadly Pandemic. Does he have any shame, integrity, morals, decency or respect for American lives? CPAC was a super-spreader event with the exponential contagious infections from attendees flying or driving back to their cities and states, and most likely exposing more folks to a dangerous variant of the virus.

Their BS included without proof as usual lies and accusations that @TheDemocrats @JoeBiden @POTUS @KamalaHarris @VP @USAGov @WhiteHouse administration had a bad first month and that they’re ANTI-jobs, family, borders, energy, women, and science, #AmericanRescuePlan and #USA. The only thing he’s going to be running for is really more like running from. A majority of Americans may be watching and waiting for the criminal investigation into Donald's financial files. This may be the moment that he finally faces real justice for alleged illegal finances. Remember, we're a month away from 4/1 April Fools' Day.

Twice impeached #LameDuckDonald was allowed to briefly reenter political life by also attacking and condemning Republican opponents and proclaiming himself the leader of some Republicans who are total losers riven by-election defeats and criminally charged as a result of the day of the epiphany insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January six, where one police officer was killed and dozens were injured.

Do you miss me yet? Donald asked the Conservative Political Action Conference after taking the stage more than an hour late saying lots of things going on.

Trump's attacks on other GOP members and his vocal support of primary challengers to some Republican lawmakers will most certainly divide the Republican party further as it fails to regain control of Congress and the White House with more lies. Besides 1/6/2021, never forget most of these unnecessary American casualties.

February 2020: 1
March: 3,768
April: 58,960
May: 42,099
June: 23,416
July: 26,164
August: 30,234
September: 23,341
October: 23,691
November: 37,172
December: 77,124
January 2021: 96,377
February: 72,880

Total: 515,775 Are we sick, tired and dying from #LameDuckDonald’s version of winning?